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We advance local ministries that have a passion to make disciples for Jesus Christ

In Jesus’ parable of the sower, seed doesn’t always fall on good soil and the sprouts suffer. Indigenous Advance is about giving people an opportunity to thrive in good soil. We believe that no one knows a culture and its people better than locals so we work with indigenous Christian ministries to change the trajectory of people’s lives through Christian discipleship and education. 


Our Partners

The Dad Base envisions every man being restored to God’s design of sonship. Read more…

Bethel Youth Ministries exists to raise transformed leaders that will impact the 7 mountains of influence through discipleship. Read more…

Christian Model Ministries exists to advance the education of Uganda and surrounding African countries with…

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Smile On Children’s Ministry  exists to raise children to be like Christ until their joy is full giving them a… 
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Indigenous Advance Ministries is funded through donations from people like you. If you…
… have a heart for missions and for spreading the Gospel
… have a heart for the poor and disadvantaged children of Africa
… have a heart to see followers of Jesus Christ raised up through discipleship
… have a heart for university age young adults to be raised up as godly men and women.

Then please consider donating to this ministry. We are dedicated to these things.

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Uganda Office
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